Fashion for Me

Sitting with my girls’ gang and gossiping with them I asked all of them a question that what fashion to them is. So there were very different answers to my question.

Some said it’s about the latest trends and styles that are going in the market. Some said it’s a part of how people dress up and some said it’s what celebrities wear these days. After hearing them I felt all of them were right in some way or the other. But the dictionary meaning of fashion says-bjorn-iooss

“A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration or behavior” or it even means “A manner of doing something.”

Every individual on this earth is different. According to a research, all humans whether a male or a female are similar to each other 90% but there is 10% difference from one human being to another. And that difference according to me is how we define our fashion as well…

I am a simple person, just a bit crazy about some girly stuff like earrings and accessories. For a person like me, I think fashion is something which makes you look good and confident in front of people. Fashion is a personal thing that makes everyone different and unique.

I think it’s more about carrying yourself with elegance and at the same moment of time being comfortable and confident about you.

That’s fashion for me!

Picture Credit- Photogrist


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