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We, youngsters, have a lot of questions in our mind while we do and buy makeup products. So to answer those questions, I have answers to some of them. Meenakshi Dutt is Delhi’s top makeup artist. She has been transforming brides since 1999. She has an amazing sense of color coordination which reflects in her bridal makeup. She is known for her transformational makeup. Meenakshi Dutt has won many awards and recognition for her fashion makeup. Meenakshi Dutt through so many years in makeup and beauty industry has gained a lot of experience with makeup products and even helped me to answer some of the common makeup questions.

Q. What is the importance of lipstick in makeup and why does it create a fashion statement?

A. I think it is most important part of makeup. Whether you do anything on your face or don’t do anything, a lipstick totally changes your lip. There is something about lipstick maybe its most of the people are attracted to lips and eyes that’s why and it enhances your complexion. It brightens your face and its features. The colors of the lipsticks are magical and it has not started yet it has been since ages. So, lipstick creates a major impact on makeup.

Q. There is a big problem that mat lipsticks make the lips go dry and dull, it is really true?

A. Yes, it true. It’s because it does not have moisturizing substance in them. That’s why it called mat. The pigmentation is very strong. It has a very good staying that you cannot easily remove it. But it’s in trend as it gives a very vintage look. But what you can do to prevent your lips look dull and dry, you can apply some lip balm 15-20 before applying your mat lipstick. By doing this your lips will get moisturized. And when you will apply your lipstick you will get a better color and your lip will suffer less as well.

Q. There are various Chinese and Japanese brands coming with lipstick that change their color according to the body temperature and mood. So what will you say about this?

A. Yes, they are coming in the market now and it’s a good innovation. It will be having some chemical reaction that they change their color. And one should try it for fun. People will comeIMG_0142 (1) to know my mood before I tell them and they can talk to me accordingly. But yes if you go to an event or party, I will say not to use them as it can spoil your day.

Q. For youngsters, using a lip balm is better or a lipstick?

A. For youngsters, I will say that they should neither choose a lip balm or lipstick. Lip balm is for lip care it’s nice to use in the night or normally every day but it doesn’t give any color. It has a moisturizing effect but doesn’t have any glamour. For youngsters, they can use lip tins and lip stains. Lips tins are very good. It’s like a lips balm with color and moisturizing effect. It gives a little shade of pink or peach but doesn’t look very harsh. Lips stains are also a good idea which settles on your lips. They don’t look hard and gives a very soft look and are easily available in the market. Brands like Body Shop, MAC, Safora and many other brands have a good lip

Q. There are a lot of variations happening in kajal these days due to which it’s replacing eye liner now. So what is better kajal or eyeliner?

A. Kajal i.e. the classic black kajal can never go out of fashion because it’s something that people are comfortable with. But if you have done a liner on top like a black liner you can do an electric blue or even a light blue kajal below or even a green. So, you can experiment with colored kajals. And if you want to do a black kajal on the underwater line then you can do colored or glittered eyeliner on the top. So when you use a colored kajal or eyeliner, its best to use it on either of the eye i.e. upper lid or lower lid but not on both. So, use black in one and colored or glittered on the other. Use both of them simultaneously. You can use this on an everyday basis.

Q. For youngsters, it’s good and healthy to use bb creams and foundations on an everyday basis in a long run?

A. Yes, it’s a very good thing. Nowadays tinted moisturizers are even coming. It can be used on regular basis reason being it has a moisturizing effect, it has SPF also it has a slite foundation which even outs the skin. So you get 3 in 1 in a very simple product. Also, it has moisturizer and foundation in one, so you don’t have to but too many products, you are not layering your face with too many products and also it gives a natural glow. It gives a very soft natural glow. You can use Ponds BB cream, Colorbar almost all the brands have come out with BB cream.

IMG_0074 (1)Q. According to you, what kind of makeup should a college-going girl do on regular basis?

A. For a college girl, a BB cream is a perfect foundation that one can use. You can use a little concealer to cover yours under eyes. And you can use lip stain or lip glosses of soft color like peaches, pinks, beiges, and nudes because they give you a very young look. Apart from that, they can even use colored mascara. They can use colored kajals. They should avoid too much powder on their skin. They can even use a soft blush in the form of a cream which gives the sheer look. They should use things which are easy to use and are not very harsh. They should avoid too much of foundation because if not done well, it can give a very cakey effect which is not good.

Q. It happens a lot many times that due to wearing makeup the entire day our face starts to look dull so how can one stop that?

A. Makeup has hours of lasting. So if you are doing a very simple makeup so it won’t last more than 2-3 hours. So after that, you need to do a touch-up. You should carry a powder foundation along with you which is easy to touch up and blends with your skin well. If your kajal is bleeding, it better to wear a waterproof kajal. Carry your basic makeup products like powder, kajal or lipstick with you wherever you are going. Also, you can carry a makeup setting spray with you. It helps in keeping the makeup for 8-10 hours. Makeup setting spray has glycerine which gives a glow and natural look and even keeps the skin hydrated.

Q. Any tip or suggestion you would like to give to young makeup freaks?

A. Makeup is a very beautiful thing which everyone should do which does not have any age limit. Just be careful that you are going makeup according to your age, using the right makeup products and brands and taking care of your skin. Makeup is such a beautiful thing that it changes your personality and gives you more confidence and you look more glamorous.

I thank Meenakshi Dutt for her time and valuable inputs she gave. I am sure that these answers will help every youngster to do a better makeup according to her age.


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  1. anjali chaudhary says:

    Thnk you so much mam for give me important tips.


    1. Kanika sharma says:

      Thanku so much for giving important tips!! I’m very impressed from ur tips..


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