Guide to Accessories (Part 1)

Running late to an important party and want to still look fashionable in less time? Here is the answer to it. Yes, they are accessories. These are the additional things to carry or wear along with your uppers and bottoms to give you a defined look. There is a huge variety of accessories these days. I have tried to write about some accessories which are evergreen and how you use it in your daily life to look defined and fashionable.

This is 1st part of this post. The 2nd post is in the continued post. Do Check that out as well!


These are the most common accessories that every girl uses in her everyday life. They not only help in protecting us from the sun but can even be used in tying hair, making a shrug and many more. They come in huge types. In winter you should use woolen scarfs as it provides warmth to you. In summer you should use cotton ones as they as light to wear and absorbent as well. They come in various sizes. They are broad, narrow, short, long or even circular as well. You should always have a scarf in your handbag as many at times it takes the place of a life saver.

Here are some ways by which you can wear your scarf and so some cool DIYs as well. scraf

Price- The market rate is between 100- 300 depending on the style and design. But I will recommend you to go online as they are much cheaper and has a lot of variety there.

For online buying, you can go to this link-

Hair Bands

Want to still look like a small girl? Use a hair band. I am very sure that all of you have used Hair Band in your childhood days. They are so cute looking and are available in so many designs and shapes. They can even make your hair look less oily and gives you a feminine look.


For every day you can wear a simple designed and colored band but on a special occasion, you can take an embellished or stones one.

Price- Buying from the market is much better than online. Simple hair band cost between 10-50 rupees in the market. For some glamorous and stoned ones, they range between 150-500 rupees.

Hair Ties

For a girl like me, Hair Tie is something which is always on my wrist. While traveling in an auto or Scotty your hair gets tangled and frizzy. In this case, a hair tie will help you. Tie your hair and then ride on! It makes your hair defined especially when you do a high pony or braid.


They are available in various types ranging from simple plain ones to designed one to even stoned ones. A hair tie should always be there in your handbag!

Price- Market price for Hair Ties is much better than online ones. Simple Ties come in a 10 ties pack which cost between 20-50 rupees. Stoned and big ties cost come under 100 rupees.

Hair Clips and Pins

It happens a lot many times that your favorite hairstyle does not stay in place. Hair clip and pin is your solution then. Not only it keeps your hairstyle in place but even gives color to your hair.

clips and pins

A pastel-colored clip looks cute on an everyday basis. And if you want to create some drama you can even so for neon or those child pins as they give you a kid look that you want in some days.

Price- For this please go for the market as you can easily understand what size of clips and pins will fit on your hair. They cost between 20-200 rupees.

Sun Glasses

It’s really impor2015-New-retro-sunglasses-women-glasses-semi-rimless-frame-brand-oculos-gafas-de-sol-mujer-9538.jpgtant to protect your eyes in any season. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but even awaken your face in your lazy and hectic days. I will be posting another blog about sunglasses super soon!

Price- If you want to go for unbranded one, they cost between 100- 500 rupees. But if you want to go for brand ones they cost between 500-300 or even more depending on your budget.

In case, you want to go for online ones here is a useful link-


I am an earring lover. These days there is a huge variety of earrings. Earrings are a great help in adding some color in a monochrome outfit. I will be posting another post on this because I love this accessory.


Price- In case you want to buy for regular use go for market ones. They cost ranging from 20-70 rupees. But yes if you want any special ones to go for online buying. They are better in terms of quality as well as price.

For online you can see in this link-

So these were some of the accessories in this post. The rest is in the next post which is another part of this post. Click on part 2 of this post.


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