Guide to Accessories (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the continued post on accessories. In case, you haven’t read the 1st part do read it and give your suggestions.


If you have a length defined neck, go for chocker. It helps in highlighting your neck. Wear a chocker with an outfit which has some place for your neck to be shown. You can even layer a chocker with a neck piece for a classier look.


Price- The market price range from 50-250 depending on the style you want to choose.

In case, online you can check this link-


A neck piece is a chain+ pendant. They are very useful when you want to create a statement in your outfit. You can choose for a minimal one, stone one or even a locket. Neckpieces create a piece of attraction in any outfit.


Price- The market price range from 250- 1200 depending on the design and material you choose. Online buying is much better as it has better quality.

For online buying you this link is helpful-


There is a difference between a neck piece and necklace. A necklace is heavier than neck piece. So prefer to wear a necklace on a special occasion like a party, wedding or any celebration occasions. Necklace help in emphasizing the area of your neck, shoulder and shoulder bone.


Price- They are expensive whether you buy from market or online. They are in the range from 300- 5000 depending on design and material you are choosing.

For online you can see this link-


If you are the one who wants to wear any minimalistic accessory with any outfit, rings are there for you. Rings are of various types like the big stone one, the minimal ones, and the arranged layered one. Rings can be worn and carried easily with any kind of outfit to create an elegant look.


Price- The price of ring varies from 30- 2000 depending on the material you choose.

For online-


Apart from the utility purpose, a watch is something which can be worn with any outfit. Layer your watch with your favorite bracelets for a different and compressed look.


Prices- In case you are going for unbranded ones, they come in the range between 100- 1000. But in case you want to go for branded ones please plan well to loosen your pocket.

In case, you want to go for online this link is good-

Bracelets and Bangles

It’s an evergreen accessory. Bracelets are more casual and free looking. It looks good with any western outfit. Bangles look good with a traditional and Indian outfit. They can be even layered with a ring or watch to create a dynamic look. Prefer to wear them when your arms are free so that they get some emphasis.


Prices- For the market, they come in the range between 50-1000.

For online-

Hand Amor

To give your outfit a royal look you can wear a Hand Amour. They are available types like the ring ones, glove one or even the net one. Depending on your utility and outfit, hand amour is one of the most elegant ways of fashion. They are expensive so choose a hand amour which can be worn with any other outfit as well.


Prices- They are expensive. In market, they will cost from 500- 2000. Prefer to buy from a market as you need to see that will suit you and what won’t.

These are some of the accessories which are used and worn by almost every girl. There are more accessories as well which are available in the market. In case you want me to write on any other accessory that you wish to know about do comment!


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