Get Ready For Formals

I know we all young minds are always short of formal wears. And when we go for internship, interview or job we need a good pair every time. I know it’s so frustrating when one does not have anything to wear in formal and then we look at our beautiful jeans and short which are not counted as formals (according to corporates). So I can help you with this. Here are sets of some outfits that will suit all body types and make you look creative and blissful every day!

Floral Monday


Start your Monday morning with some floral look. I know sometimes Mondays are too boring. After a lazy weekend hitting the office is boring. But that should not reflect in your outfit! Florals are evergreen and look refreshing for a Monday outfit. This outfit is Indian having a long kurta with back palazzos which will elongate your height paired with comfortable Kolhapuri flip-flops and desi jhumkas which will complete this look. I have taken a satchel with it but you can take any handbag based on your choice and convince.

Ruby Tuesday


Tuesday are much better and sometimes are the running days as well. After a planned meetings Mondays it’s time to put it all on Tuesday. So make your working Tuesday with some ruby reds. Go for some bold color like red on this day to show that you are excited to work. Solid color like red and blue look very bold and define anyone’s personality well. Also, they suit any skin tone and occasion. In this look, I have taken a nice elegant red dress paired with some statement long earring and wine lipstick. If you are not a red lipstick lover you can go for pink, orange or even a nude one.  I have finished the look with a nude colored pair of pencil heels. Nude heels help to elongate your height. So they are a must-have footwear.

Monochrome Wednesday


Go for a simple Wednesday! In this look, I have taken a traditional white shirt. This one is a bit different one having black on the collar and button area. For the bottom, I have taken a black trouser along with elegant drop golden and black earrings and black plumps. This look is a very sophisticated and simple look which suits a person. It gives the typical office formal vibes!

Tangy Thursday


After a simple Wednesday, its time to throw some tangy colors on Thursday! In this look, I have taken an orange and blue striped dress of knee length. You can take any kind of bright colored dress depending on your choice and preference. Pair it with either a black block heel or nude block heels. Block heels look amazing with a knee-length dress as they create their own emphasis. And don’t forget the sound they make when you walk like a queen in the office! Along with them, I have taken an orange and blue satchel. Satchels are super useful as they have a handle as well as a sling so can be used in multiple ways.

Softy Friday


Be a little soft on Friday now after all the weekend has come! In this look, I have used a cold cut pink top which is so trendy and look so cool in stinky summers. I have paired this top with denim. It’s the end of the week so a casual Friday is ok! Along with this, I have taken drop statement multi-color earrings which will add some colors to the outfit. I have finished the look with nude heels.

Dazzling Saturday


Yes! I know this sucks when your boss calls you for another day at work. But still, you can’t show your anger on your dressing. So go for Black Saturday then. I have taken a simple solid knee-length dress and paired with sequenced heels. These heels will actually give some sparkle to your outfit. I have finished with an outfit with an elegant clutch so that in case you get lucky and go out for a Saturday night you are still on top.

So, whatever the day it is. One thing should not change and that’s your dressing. Dress nicely and according to what is suiting you and your work environment. All the clothes, footwear and accessories have been taken from Limeroad.

Feel free to comment and give your suggestions!


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