Evolution of Lipsticks

From the ancient times of Indus Valley civilization to the current times of civilization, one thing that did not change in women cosmetic and that is a lipstick. Earlier made from natural ingredients like rose petals and gemstones lipstick have been used as a primary cosmetic for brightening lips. And now as well, lipstick plays a very important in makeup. And now coming with Japanese lipstick which changes its color according to mood and body temperature, there is a lot of evolution in lipsticks. There is even a huge range of lipsticks in terms of colors and type of matte, semi-matte, stain, pencil and many more. In fact, lipstick has the highest variety in make-up cosmetics. So, it’s very essential to take care of our lips and understand which lipstick is better for us. So here is an expert speaking about lipsticks!


Aakriti Kochar, Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi/NCR along with an expert team of Professional Makeup artists & Hairstylists provides services for Weddings in Delhi, Destination weddings all over India and Abroad, Fashion shoots for leading Magazines, Designers and Brands, Backstage make-up and hair styling services for India Fashion Week and other leading Fashion shows in the country, Advertising Campaign shoots, Television Commercials, Bollywood Celebrities & Movies. She has often been mentioned in Top Listing for Best Makeup Artist in Delhi, by leading bloggers in India and Magazines. She is here with some care and queries to some of your questions on lipsticks!


What is the importance of lipstick in makeup and why does it create a unique fashion statement?

Other than defining your lips and accentuating your smile, lipstick color does add radiance and a finish to your overall look.

 What do you do when you do not have a matching lipstick shade and no shop nearby to make an instant purchase? Have you ever tried innovating? How?

As a professional we try different things with cream colors blushers, apply a lip pencil before and fill your lips completely before applying the cream blush. To make your own colors, one can try mixing colored loose pigments with petroleum jelly or lip balm

Which lipstick do you prefer the organic or the chemical ones?

I like my lipsticks based on texture and color payoff, organic and chemical preference is secxred-lips.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QeVTaVV5esondary. If you are investing in a good brand, it will not harm your lips.

You know that some lipsticks have harmful carcinogenic substances like whiteness creams in small doses? Do you check for them?

Yes, certain lipsticks have different ingredients of interest to suit customers who have such requirements. Often people with dark lips complain less color payoff, hence which is why these substances for suiting their needs.

 There are a lot of researchers that say matte lipsticks make the lips go dry and dull, it is really true?

Your lips need nourishment and all lipsticks do have some or the other nourishing agents like Vitamin E or Shea butter. However, like everyone has dry, oily or combination skin it’s the same with your lips. Matte lipsticks have these nourishing properties as well but maybe in lesser quantity so if your lips are very dry or chapped at all times, you might want to use a nourishing lip balm overnight or whenever not wearing lipsticks and a lip scrub to smoothen the lips before applying matter colors.

There is always a problem that some lip colors doesn’t suit us and others do. It’s said that the lip color is not suiting your skin color that’s why. So, what according to you should be the guide for buying a lip color which suites us?

As your skin tone gets darker, choose a warmer undertone of lipstick to suit your complexion. For reference, look at the shade card below:


There are various Chinese and Japanese brands coming with lipstick that change their color according to the body temperature and mood. So what will you say about this?

I don’t recommend anyone using anything that changes color with time, not all shades and tones are meant for your skin tone. I would rather miss this innovation.flower-color-changing-lipstick-4

 How would you like it if the color of the lipstick changed with your mood from angry scarlet to lusty pink or any other?

I look at makeup as my personality that speaks without me actually talking. I would not want all my effort of doing makeup going waste in few hours as I begin to get tired or angry through the day.

What kind and type of lipsticks should be preferred according to you? What advise you wish to give to our readers on the usage of lipsticks

I believe lipsticks can change how you feel and look, it gives you confidence and every color has its own characteristics like a red portrays confidence. I say we choose the mood and occasion to make this choice. However texture is something very personal, I prefer matte solid colors while someone might prefer frosty to more shine, or creamy for softer nourished lips, and gloss for less color and sheer finish.

How much role does the price of lipstick play in your selection?

As a professional I want to keep the best in my collection, so the price doesn’t really matter when I am paying for what it’s completely worth.

The evolution in lipstick is playing a huge role in the makeup industry. But every coin has two sides, on one side this innovation is good but on the other side, it’s not. It’s not good innovation in terms of the chemical and disadvantages it has.

So the next time to go to buy any lipstick for yourself, keep these points in your mind!

Feel free to comment and give your feedback and suggestions!


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