Let’s go Street Shopping!

In this era of expensive stuff, we youngsters love to do street shopping. Street shopping is fun to do as well as inexpensive. But it’s very important to know the correct place and spots for street shopping. Delhi is full of places for street shopping. Places like Sarojini, Janpat, Karol Bagh, Palika Bazaar and many more are places known for their street shopping. I went to Karol Bagh to do street shopping and here are the places where you can do great street shopping. All the places listed here are the places where you can find cost and quality at the same time. So let’s go street shopping!


Top20170318_134453s are everyday worn apparel wear which we youngsters desire to get at a great price but also with great quality.

The moment you enter Karol Bagh via metro, there is a huge shop in the starting of the market having beautiful tops hung in front of shops. These shops are Chinese export outlets. 20170318_134442These tops are of 250 rupees and are so beautiful that can wear it every day for a long duration of time.

Also when you move forward, you will find standard juice shop. In front of that shop, there is another person who sells crop tops. He has the latest collection of crop tops ranging from 200- 500 rupees. If you have good bargaining skills you can easily buy 2 crop tops for less than 400 easily.

20170318_143938Kurtas and Indian wear

When it comes ongoing Indian, Kurtas are one’s favorite. These days long fusion and denim kurtas are on trend. For kurtas, the best hub is Chawla collection. It’s a very famous shop and quite old as well. It deals with Indian wear only. Its kurta range starts from 200 rupees and ends at the limit you wish to buy your kurta. They have a huge variety of Indian wear. You can even buy ethnic suits, palazzos and much more. This shop is worth to explore!



For footwear, the most inexpensive and reliable shop is Krishna Chappal. It’s a small shop but quite an old one. It has a variety of almost every kind of women footwear ranging from flats to belles to heels as well. And they are super fashionable and cheap. Their price range starts from 250 to 500 rupees. Shoes are even available here from the price range of 350- 500 rupees.



If you want everyday jewelry then where you are shopping for tops in the Chinese export outlets, you will even find jewelry which ranges from 50- 100 rupees. This shop has earrings, neck pieces, and bracelets.


But if you are high on budget, then you can go for a bit expensive outlet called “Much- More”. They have a lot of outlets in Karol Bagh and deal with a huge range of artificial jewelry. Jewelry is something you need for every occasion. So you name the occasion and they have jewelry for it. You show them the dress you will be wearing and then even have matching jewelry for that. They have a great variety of designs and style. Their price range starts from 100 rupees and ends at the price you wish to spend on jewelry. Surely, this place is a little heavy on the pocket but great in terms of quality and fashion!

Scarfs and Dupattas

20170318_14125220170318_141335Scarfs will be your rescue in summers. In the left side of Westside outlet, there is a hawker for scarfs and dupattas. He deals with cotton scarfs and Banarasi cotton Dupattas. Their scarf range starts from 40 rupees and dupattas range start from 100 rupees.



In the line where you will find scarfs, you will even find hacker with dresses. It has dresses of all kinds and shapes which range from 250 rupees.



Handbags and Clutches

20170318_16150620170318_160628In front of Nazuk collections, there is shelter shop of handbags and clutches. They have bags and clutches for all types and prices. You will easily find a fashionable handbag under 500 rupees and a classy clutch under 200 rupees. If you have bargaining skills, then you can get a great steal deal as well.

Hair accessories20170318_150311

In front of Shaan-e-Var, there is an old hacker which sells great quality and trendy hair accessories. He is so experienced that you can tell him your budget and he will show you great hair accessories that will suit your budget. His hair accessories range starts from 10 rupees and ends at 500 rupees.


Every girl wishes to have cosmetics which are good in the pocket and great in quality. And in Karol Bagh, you can find a hub for such desired cosmetics.


The moment you cross Karol Bagh Chowk, you will come across Gafar market. Gafar market is known for a mobile market as well. But it’s also a hub of inexpensive and even imported cosmetics. I don’t say that you will find inexpensive branded cosmetics but you can find quality cosmetics. In case of international branded cosmetics get ready to loosen your pocket then!

So, this was all about Karol Bagh Street shopping. In case you want me to do more such post do write in the comments and also tell me how you find this post as well!


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