Make a Statement

It happens a lot many times that we need to tell other what we actually are. Every girl is bold and independent but what makes that one girl actually bold and independent about herself? I think its d way she carries herself. I think it’s about the way she dresses herself that makes her look bold and independent in her job. So, in order to show this boldness, elegance and freedom in your fashion, statement fashion is in trend a lot.

Statement fashion as the name says, it’s a way to tell about you in a statement. But this statement can be a small line or a small symbol as well.  And that’s what is does. It tells about you in a statement or even less than that.

Statement Tops

statement tops

One of the most common statement fashion thing is a top which I am sure all of you wear every day. There is a huge variety of statement tops which are easily available in the market depending upon which statement you like. You can even do for symbolic tops which is also a part of statement fashion now.

Statement Earrings


Yes! In case you are mad about earrings then there is a huge variety of statement earrings as well. Earrings are something which can be worn with any outfit. They are a part of accessories so can be used in a very minimalistic way.

Statement Neck piece


You don’t need an occasion to wear statement neck piece. If you believe in some thinking or wan to support something you can wear a neck piece related to that. There are more symbolic statement neck pieces than statement or word one because they look small but have a big meaning behind it.

Statement Rings


Rings are also a lot in trend. Almost for every occasion there is a ring and so is for statement as well. You can even wear your alphabet name ring as well as a statement ring or even your zodiac one.

So, there is no rule when and who can do statement fashion. It can be done by anyone, at any place and which any outfit. It’s a great way to show your ideologies and beliefs in a simple manner!


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