“Fashion has defined me”


I am a simple girl who likes things which are simplified and well sorted. I like to experiment with my dressing but that is in a limited way. I feel that fashion is something which is very personal and makes you feel confident. It defines you.

If Neon colours are in fashion does not mean that its good for “Your Fashion”. With a lot of reading and studying of Home Science and Fashion during my school times I have understood what will suit me and what wont. And with this blog I want to give the same knowledge to my readers as well. So that every girl feels beautiful and confident in her “Fashion”.

This is no a Fashion blog but more like a Fashion Guide blog. It will help you understand what will suit you and what wont. So the next time you go for some shopping you know what will suit you well.

You can even write to me and give me suggesstions.

My email- siimranjuneja@gmail.com

Stay tuned Fashiontas!